Top Gun: Maverick Movie (2022)


The future is coming and you’re not in it : this phrase assenée Maverick, pilot, soon to be replaced by drones, explains all the issues narrative of the film that the current strategy of Hollywood, an industry that, more than ever, locked in a time loop. Serve, always, the success of yesteryear to vibrate the teens that were fifty-plus today, while summoning their children: a formula that, until now, has proven to be effective.

On this creed, Top Gun: Maverick is therefore obliged to take a number of codes and gimmicks which we would willingly have passed: the elites of the pubs Gilette, torsos glistening Beach Volleyball, competition, ego, and music with a H&M willing to build the small museum nostalgic and a bit rancid which, obviously, the public sucks.

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But all this is only a dusting of which we do not keep a long time the taste in the mouth. Since its opening sequence plays the card of technological modernity and looks back almost to the fiction, the hyper-speed of the device files in a smooth, cotton-like, which generates surprising poetry: surely, Joseph Kosinski’s going to take care of his work.

This is the great success of the film to revolve around a common mission (impossible, of course) that it will hold rehearse and prepare. Cruise becomes a real director, a choreographer, equipment, planning a modeling its pilots to explain all the drama to come: the time, the movements, the issues. This uniqueness, this simplicity that builds gradually voltage and enjoyment of the image has become a well-a rarity in the blockbuster, and here runs at full speed. The ballet of the aircraft offers a spectacular sight, and don’t forget to be nice to her by the roar jubilant reactors.

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